Coping With Incontinence

Problems at Work

Dealing with incontinence at work is not hard. From wearing dark clothes to training your bladder, there are some tips you can follow to cope the easy way.

You might just have a meeting with your team or a big presentation for your clients. Either way, you may be anxious about visible leakage. One way to deal with the problem is wearing dark and loose clothing that doesn’t show the contrast between wet and dry fabric.

Another way to avoid accidents is to schedule bathroom breaks, whether you feel the urge or not. Try going to the bathroom every hour or every two hours. You can also set a reminder on your computer or phone to keep you on track.

In case you feel the urge to go to the bathroom but can’t make it in time, try sitting down, squeezing the pelvic floor and breathing deeply. It is important to focus on preventing the leak.

Coffee intake during a meeting can contribute to irritating your bladder, so try to reduce the amount of caffeine. Also, minimize water intake by sipping water rather than gulping it down. Include sugar-free food in your diet during the day to reduce your thirst.

When attending a conference, book a seat near the restrooms and keep with you extra pads and underwear.

What about doing exercises in the office? Kegel exercises can help you prevent leaks. You can do them in the car, the conference room or your office.

If the tactics you use don’t help, talk to your doctor for a possible diagnosis and treatment.

Your work life doesn’t have to be affected by incontinence. Consider wearing high quality incontinence diapers or pants and carry on!