How Incontinence Products

Can Make the Elderly’s Life Easier?

The emerging needs of incontinence sufferers have opened up opportunities for manufacturers to innovate in this space. Leading incontinence brands continue to improve absorbency levels, odor control, skin care and breathability in their products.

New developments in pads, disposable underwear, adult diapers and other products are now intended to serve a wider audience.

In its product innovation strategy, Sanita Elegance has been focusing on discretion, comfort, and aesthetics. Not only is it designed to meet the requirements of the helpless elderly at nursing homes or serve the healthcare sector but also to serve people who still have a very active lifestyle, and who seek solutions that allow them to lead normal lives while managing their individual conditions. 

The key today is discretion. Incontinence products should not leak, not be observed under clothing and not release any odor. The “feel good” and independency factors lie at the heart of the modern hygiene consumer disposables industry. 

Technological improvements are being applied to make adult incontinence products thinner and better performing. Other breakthrough technologies include a channeled core that allows products to be more breathable, while improving absorption and protection. Today’s products really look, feel and fit like normal underwear.

Sanita Elegance strives constantly to advance the incontinence category through innovation. Over the last decade, it has expanded their range of products to suit a variety of needs while being committed to understanding the different expectations of men and women with bladder or bowel problems to enable them to better manage the issue in the way that best fits their lifestyle.

Looking at today’s market, one of the most powerful enhancements has been the increasing awareness and conversations around incontinence, breaking down the stigmas associated with bladder leakage and allowing consumers to find support and advice.


As people get older, the bladder becomes less stretchy and unable to hold as much urine as before. Sanita Elegance brings your loved ones latest technologies to help them enjoy every moment with self-confidence, comfort and ease.