How to Take Care

Of Your Loved Ones?

Be Sensitive from the Start

Discretion and kindness are crucial for your loved one to feel a sense of trust. Listen carefully; your non-verbal cues encourage the other person to open up about their condition.

Sometimes, people suffering from incontinence may not realize they need help. In these cases, you'll want to remain vigilant of any signs.


Know the Facts

Many of us believe that bladder leakage occurs only as we age, however, there are a variety of contributing triggers that aren’t related to age.
For example, women are especially susceptible after childbirth.
In men, prostate cancer can affect the bladder function.
Being equipped with knowledge about the condition can make it easier for your loved one to let you offer help.


Assess Your Role Before You Offer Help

First, understand what they might need from you, whether it’s offering emotional support, advice, or your company.


Getting Ready for Support

In order to take proper care of your loved one, you need to: 

  • Inquire about their condition
  • Prepare an action plan
  • Equip their home
  • Organize their medical documents
  • Seek support or professional help if need be

Using the wrong product can lead to interrupted sleep, skin problems and embarrassing accidents. Choose the right solutions and the best products for your loved one.