Living with


A few simple measures could make a big, positive difference in your loved one’s life.

  • If a loved one suffers from stress incontinence, keep them hydrated. Concentrated urine could aggravate their bladder condition.
  • In the case of urge incontinence, make sure the path to their toilet is clear and easy. Kegel exercises for pelvic muscles can also help in some cases of urge incontinence.
  • When the person suffers from a mix of stress and urge incontinence, help them start pelvic floor exercise.


Tips for Self-Hygiene

An elderly fragile skin needs extra care. Always be equipped with products that will allow them to feel clean and comfortable around the clock. 

  • Disposable wet wipes for changing
  • Disposable dry wipes for washing with water
  • Disposable gloves
  • Extra underwear
  • Gentle cleansing lotions


Tips for Travel  

Who said people with incontinence can’t travel and lead a more active life?

Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  1. Book your seats ahead: Make sure you select an aisle seat that is close to the toilets.
  2. Avoid reducing your intake of fluids: If you don’t drink enough fluids you’ll actually increase your bladder sensitivity. Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks.
  3. Pack enough supplies: Carry extra incontinence products for your trip.
  4. Be prepared: Put extra briefs, gloves, and extra-large zip lock plastic bags in the carry-on. Moreover, wipes are great for quick clean-ups.